After Tentamen Borrel / After Exam Drinks
  • English / Dutch
  • Café van Beek; Turfmarkt 6, Den Haag
AlleJaarsDagen / Association Weekend
  • English / Dutch
  • Beekstraat 9, 6013 RV Hunsel
  • Dutch
  • Café-Restaurant Rootz; Grote Marktstraat 14, 2511 BJ Den Haag
Lange Reis / Long Trip
  • English / Dutch
  • Morocco

Study Association B.I.L.

In 1984, the Public Administration program was established at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Leiden University. Public Administration is an interdisciplinary science that deals with the theoretical aspects and practical skills of public administration and its environment. On May 22, 1985, the establishment of the Public Administration Interfaculty Association Leiden (B.I.L.) followed. As of 2023, the association has approximately 1200 members. As a student association, the B.I.L. plays a central role in the Public Administration program. It serves as the link between students and the institute. Additionally, it strives to keep the study vibrant for students by organizing various activities that introduce them to the professional field they will enter in the future. Furthermore, the B.I.L. provides opportunities for students to get to know their peers better and develop organizational talents through attending activities or engaging in committee or board work.

Why join?

What do we offer?

  • Discount on textbooks
  • Summaries
  • Trips within and outside Europe
  • Formal activities such as visits to ministries, embassies, and companies
  • Informal activities such as parties and drinks
  • Internship and networking events
  • BIL-Room (free coffee, tea, cookies, gaming consoles)

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