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Our members and the studies

Improving the studies

As study association, we find it important for our members to be able to help to improve our studies. To serve this goal, B.I.L. members can participate in a committee (B.E.L.) or give their opinion (B.E.L./OLC).

Public Administration Evaluation Committee (B.E.L.)

The Public Administration Evaluation Committee (B.E.L.) is independent of the B.I.L. and the Institute of Public Administration. At the end of each block, the committee organises panel discussions in which students can participate to give their opinion about the courses they follow. At the end of the academic year, the results of these evaluations are bundled in the B.E.L.-guide, often with a response of the teachers and lecturers. In this way, we give a voice to our students and contribute to the improvement of our studies. If you want to join (one of) these panels, please contact us through

Educational Committee (OLC)

Each studies at Leiden University has its own Educational Committee. The Educational Committee (OLC) is the linking pin between the Institution of Public Administration and the students.

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