Terms and conditions

Membership conditions


The B.I.L. membership gives access to all activities that Study Association B.I.L. organizes. Some of them are free, but for some the association asks for a contribution to realize the activity. In addition, members can participate in a committee within the B.I.L. The B.I.L. membership costs € 17.50 per year.

Membership year

The membership year is the same as the academic year and runs from 1 September to 31 August.

Extend and cancel

The B.I.L. membership will be automatically extended, unless cancelled by letter or e-mail before August 1. Upon termination of the membership at any moment during the academic year, the contribution remains due for the entire year.

Cancellation of the membership

The membership continues automatically. If you wish to deregister yourself, you must send an email to secretaris@bilboard.nl with the message that you want to cancel your membership starting next academic year.


5.1 Every year a member must pay a membership fee of € 17.50, as decided by the General Assembly.

5.2 When registering as a member of B.I.L. the member authorizes the association to collect the contribution due annually.

5.3 If the membership is canceled during an association year, no contribution will be reimbursed.

 Voting rights

As a member of the student association B.I.L.,members have the right to speak and vote at general assemblies. The possibility exists to authorize another member to vote for you in the absence. The full articles of association and the rules of procedure can be obtained from the board.


When entering the B.I.L. membership, personal details are requested. These are processed for the purpose of entering into and executing agreement and to inform you about relevant matters regarding the association. For more information, see www.bilboard.nl.

Change fees and conditions

The contribution can only be changed with the approval of the General Assembly. The board has the right to change the general association conditions with effect from a new association year.

Conditions with regard to cooperation with third parties (non-members)

1. Financial default

If one of the parties to a contract already concluded remains financially in default, the following conditions and provisions apply: 1.1 Debtors must pay the invoice within fourteen days of the date of an invoice. If this is not the case, then the B.I.L. sends a reminder invoice twice. 1.2 When a third reminder invoice is sent, reminder fees will be charged. These costs amount to 5% of the amount due per half-year. 1.3. A financial year is equivalent to an association year and runs from 1 September to 31 August.

2. Special provisions for collaborations

2.1 The B.I.L. has no exclusivity obligations and / or rights, provided that explicit agreements are made about this.

2.2 The B.I.L. will remain independent at all times and function independently of the cooperating party.

2.3 The B.I.L. obligates itself to treat data regarding cooperation with third parties confidentially.


1. Association information

The student association B.I.L. has its registered office in The Hague at the

Turfmarkt 99 (2511DP, The Hague). The association is registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce.

2. Applicable law

On all agreements entered into with study association B.I.L. and all obligations arising therefrom are governed by Dutch law.

Date of last change: 5/2/2019

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